Pre-production prototype

After working hard to get all files ready for production: tweaking, making final changes, checking details, double checking etc. Our manufacturer printed the final prototype before going to mass production. Not long ago we received this prototype and we would like to show you how (beautiful) it looks!

But first, if you have not completed your pledge on Gamefound yet (adding your address and/or upgrading your pledge), please follow this link. But maybe you have not pledged at all? Good news…Late Pledge is still open, go to Dorian – Kingdoms Rise & Fall. It won’t be available for very long, so don’t miss out.


Dorian - Core Game Box

Dorian – Kingdoms Rise & Fall Core Game box


Dorian Core Gameplay overview

Dorian Core Gameplay overview


Dorian - Zoomed Gameplay

Zoomed Gameplay


Zargeth - Expansion Game box

Return of Zargeth – Expansion Game box


Expansion - Return of Zargeth

Overview of Return of Zargeth (expansion)


Expansion - Return of Zargeth What's in the box

Overview of Return of Zargeth (expansion)


Zargeth - Character Board

Zargeth’s Character Board


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