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Gameplay Questions

Q: Does reaching the IP goal immediately end the game? Is this fair given that player order is random?
A: Reaching the IP goal does not necessarily give an unfair advantage to any player. Many factors contribute to winning the game, such as card strategy, player actions, and points earned in previous rounds. Players can also earn points during other players’ turns and have the opportunity to block someone from winning.
Q: Does having three Kingdom Event cards in a 1.5-hour game mean we only play three Rounds?
A: Yes, each Kingdom Event card represents one round. If you select 3 Kingdom Event cards during setup, you will play 3 Rounds, with the third round being the Final Round.
Q: Do defenders in a Siege Battle earn IP, Treasure, and Upgrades if they win?
A: Yes, if the defenders win a Siege Battle, they earn the same rewards as if they were supporting the attacker. The only difference is that they receive half of the IP, as indicated in the table on the game board.
Q: Does ‘battle won/battle lost’ apply only to the Attacking party?
A: No, it also applies to the Defending party, whether they win or lose the battle.
Q: What happens to a Character’s Movement after losing a Siege or Field Battle?
A: In a Siege Battle, if you’re the attacker and lose, your Character retreats to where it came from. This retreat will cost Movement points, but if you have no Movement points left, you can still retreat with your Movement remaining at 0. In a Field Battle, your Character retreats to the closest *-Location you own. If you don’t own any Location, remove your Character from the board and place it on any Location not owned by other players and without other Characters, at the start of your next Turn.
Q: What happens when I attack a Location with its owner inside?
A: Characters start outside their Locations. You can choose to initiate a Field Battle against the Character or lay Siege to the Location. If you opt for a Field Battle and you win, the owner can retreat into the city, negating your attack. You can then lay Siege, forcing the owner to participate. Winning a Siege Battle grants you ownership of the city.
Q: What happens when I attack a Character with no hand cards?
A: If you attack a player with no Battle Cards in a Field Battle, they automatically lose the battle.
Q: If a player helps the defence in a Siege attack and the defence wins, does the defending player receive battle rewards?
A: Yes, if you win the Siege Battle as a defender, you will receive rewards which include Treasure, an Upgrade card, and IP. However, you will not claim the Location since you were defending it.
Q: Can I participate in a Siege Battle with no cards but only my Base Power?
A: No, you cannot participate in a Siege Battle without at least one Battle card. Your Base Power alone is insufficient.
Q: What happens if someone takes cover in the fortifications, initiating a Siege Battle?
A: If someone tries to attack your Character in a Field Battle and you currently own this Location, you can take cover there. To be able to defeat you, the attacker must initiate a Siege Battle.
Q: Do I have to Ask Permission to Pass when I play the basic rules?
A: To keep things simple for inexperienced players the Asking Permission To Pass-rule is advised to be inactive. But when you decide to include this rule, you always have to ask permission. So indeed, you cannot simply pass another player’s Character or owned location without asking permission. If the owner gives permission, you may pass. If not, you can start a Siege Battle or choose a different route. You can also negotiate and trade Resources for instance.
Q: Does the Final Round only occur when all events are used up?
A: Yes, the Final Round takes place when all events have been used, to ensure fairness for the last player.
Q: Can you tell more about the Turn Order and the game balance?
A: You refill your hand to 5 cards at the end of the Influence Phase. When you play cards on someone else’s turn, you will have fewer cards on your next Turn. Only during the Final Round, this changes. The manual says in step 3 of the Influence Phase: “If you are in the final Round (1 Kingdom Event card left), do not take cards from your Deck.”
Q: How exactly does activation and exhausting work?
A: You can Activate and Exhaust a card during Your Turn in battle. A card can only be Activated once unless stated otherwise. If an Exhausted card re-enters the battle from the Restore Pile, it can be reactivated.

Activating and exhausting cards in battle typically involves the following steps:

    • Activation: During your turn in a battle, you can activate the ability on a battle card. This is done by declaring the card and its ability as being used.
    • Exhausting: After activation, the card is considered exhausted, meaning its ability has been used for that turn and cannot be used again during the same turn unless the card states otherwise.
    • Reactivation: If somehow the exhausted card is returned to your hand or deck and comes back into play, it can be activated again.

On the Player Aid, at the bottom left corner there is also a summary of how this works.


Q: Does your Character need to be located at a Trading Station or Mine to be able to use it?
A: Yes, you must be at a Trading Station or Mine to use it.
Q: What do Trading Stations and Mines do?
A: At a Trading Station, you can trade resources 2-for-2 or 3-for-3. Mines allow you to obtain available resources as indicated on the game board.
Q: Can you upgrade your Character’s Base Power whenever you have enough Resources?
A: No, you can only do this during your Turn and outside of battle. However, if a card allows you to Steal a Resource from another player, you may upgrade your Character since you can place the Resource anywhere, including on your Character.
Q: If your Character is not directly involved in the battle but you participate with a card, do you lose Resources if you lose the battle?
A: No, you don’t lose Resources in this case. Your Character only sustains damage if they are directly involved in the battle.


Q: Are all cards played during a battle to be discarded afterwards?
A: Cards played during a battle go to the owner’s Restore Pile after the battle. Some cards give you the option to return a played card to your hand or on top of your deck after the battle.
Q: Can you use an Upgrade card from your player board multiple times or do you have to discard it after use?
A: You can use Upgrade Cards as often as you like. However, some cards specify “Once during your Turn,” which means you can only use it once during your own turn. You’ll have to wait until the next Round to use it again.
Q: How do Faction Followers work?
A: They have +2 for each Power. You can destroy them to get +4. You can decide this during your Turn in Battle.
Q: When playing a Cult Leader and taking a card with a Faction Follower, where should the Faction Follower card go if the player takes enough power to remove it from the game?
A: When you play a Cult Leader and choose to take control of a Faction Follower, you have the option to destroy it. In this case, the card is destroyed and is removed from the game and it does not go to the Restore Pile.
Q: What does “Pay 4 to look at 3 and keep 1” mean? Can I look at more than one card?
A: When you pay 4 Resources instead of three, you can look at 3 cards and keep 1.
Q: At the end of my Turn, can I discard cards before drawing new ones?
A: At the end of your turn, you must have 5 cards in your hand. This means that you discard cards if you have more than 5, or draw new cards from your deck until you have 5 (except in the final round).
Q: Can you activate cards after other players have played their cards?
A: This depends on the Turn Order. You can do this if your battle turn comes after the other player, for example, if you are the Defending Player. As the Attacking Player, you must do this during your Turn. (For instance: this means it is a risk not destroying a Faction Follower card immediately to gain additional Power. This cannot be done afterwards).
Q: Can I play cards in a Battle even if they are useless?
A: Yes, you can play any cards in a battle, regardless of their immediate utility.
Q: Regarding the playing and activation of Battle Cards, what does “in Turn” mean?
A: Players follow the Turn Order specified. Each player handles their cards only during their own Turn.
Q: What happens if Gordrok Greybeard’s doubled card is later disabled?
A: If the doubled card is disabled, it will have no effect, as calculations are done at the end of the battle. Since Gordrok is tapped, he cannot use his ability again.
Q: Can Nuna Bristlecone use the new card obtained during a battle?
A: No, since all cards must be played at the beginning of the battle. However, you can save the new card for a future battle or for a combo with another card.
Q: What happens if Kunza the Silent has already had its effect?
A: When a card is removed from battle by Kunza’s ability, the ability of the card will still go through. Only the cards’ Base Power has to be removed from battle.
Q: Can Mira Mourn play additional cards during activation?
A: Yes, and this can bring unexpected surprises into the game. So it’s smart to have good cards in your Restore Pile!
Q: Can Alcana Leafsight Steal Resources that boost a Characters Power?
A: Yes, Alcana can Steal Resources that boost someone’s Power. This makes Alcana a very stable and versatile card.
Q: How does Doruva’s “After the Battle” phase work?
A: The “After the Battle” phase is a stage in the battle where Doruva’s effect activates. Unless the card specifies “once per Turn,” the effect applies whenever Doruva participates in a battle.
Q: Does an Activated ability still work if the card is removed from battle?
A: Yes, once activated, the effect of the ability remains. If the card is removed from battle, and brought back in again, the effect can be applied once again.
Q: Can I loop destroying and buying cards with a Camp upgrade?
A: Yes, the current rules allow you to destroy a card for 2 resources and then buy a new card for those 2 resources due to your camp upgrade. This loop can continue until you decide to keep your cards or the battle deck is empty. We recognize this is not fair. Therefore, the rules are updated. There is a card destruction limit of 3 cards per Turn.


Q: How does Zargeth function in a 2-player game with Objective cards?
A: In a 2-player game, Zargeth’s influence can be limited if he only has one target to attack. His actions can be stopped by the players, especially if an AI card provides extra IP. If Zargeth is not able to complete an Objective, he will follow his standard rules.
Q: What happens if Zargeth has non-location Objectives like Defense?
A: Objectives take priority over Zargeth’s standard rules. If he can complete an Objective, he will do so. If not, he will follow his standard rules. He always has goals; Objectives simply provide him the opportunity to earn more IP or deviate from standard rules.