From scratch to Dorian

Two weeks ago, as the sun gently rose over Gouda, I found myself standing on tenterhooks. After five relentless years of dedication and grit, the moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived – the delivery of my very own board game. My heart pounded in my chest, a telltale sign of the nerves dancing within me…

Suddenly, a truck rolled into view. The sight signaled the cargo it carried: over a thousand copies of my brainchild. Yet, as anticipation surged through me, a pang of uncertainty echoed in my mind. “What if a piece is missing? What if there’s a misprint?” 😱

As the truck’s rear door opened, eight sealed pallets brimming with cardboard boxes came into view. The shipment was unloaded and centered in our warehouse in Gouda. Without a second thought, I rushed to the nearest box, sliced it open, and there it was – the very first official edition of Kingdoms Rise & Fall – Dorian! Following a thorough inspection to ensure everything was in place, I finally allowed myself to bathe in the glow of accomplishment. (See picture 🤩)

Launching your own board game from scratch via Kickstarter is an arduous process. However, now that the monumental task is complete, I can’t help but bask in the relief and pride that washes over me.

Allow me to introduce you to what we’ve birthed. Dorian is a strategic deckbuilder game, steeped in the realm of fantasy. It was designed to overcome a few challenges I’ve personally faced with other games. Dorian allows you to pre-set the length of your gameplay. While immersive six-hour sessions can be great, there are moments when you just crave for a swift one or two-hour game, and Dorian makes this possible!

Have you ever encountered this scenario? One early mistake and you spend the rest of the game helplessly playing catch-up. In Dorian, the game stays exciting till the end, encouraging continuous interaction.

I would like to thank all backers for their support and please keep up the support and buy our game!


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