Dev update: 98% finished

We will be needing your support to get Dorian to Kickstarter. The good news is, our game is 98% finished! Also, we have been working hard, together with our artists to create new artwork for our Battle Cards. After a lot of playtesting the rules and the Learn to Play booklet are finally finished. We are now working on stretch goals, talking with board game manufacturers, working on our Kickstarter campaign and reaching out to more content creators/reviewers.

Our newest prototypes will arrive soon. Our challenge: to reach our funding goal we estimated that we will be needing around 350 backers. The only way to achieve this is to get in contact with you. So if you love board games, or if you are a board game content creator, reviewer, etc. we would like to get in contact with you! To give you a better insight in Dorian, we will posts more gameplay related content in the near future.

Also, we will be organising playtesting sessions on Tabletop Simulator. If you have questions about our game, feel free to send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook or join our Discord server.


About Dorian

Dorian is a free for all strategic deckbuilding game. Each player will take on the role of one of the 6 unique characters. You start with a Starting Deck and during the game you will acquire Resources to spend on Battle Cards from either the Stealth, Physical or Magic-deck to further develop your deck. During Siege and Field Battles, you will either be on the attacking or defending side. Make sure to choose wisely! During those battles you will be playing you Battle Cards to defeat your enemies. You can earn IP by winning Siege or Field Battles or by turning in (secret) objective cards. The more Locations you own, the more Influence and Recourses you will earn at the start of every round. The player with the most Influencers Points (IP) wins the game.

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