Before and after

Creating a board game is not an easy process. But as we all know; Rome wasn’t build in one day. And the best thing about the future is, that it comes with one day at a time. So we worked, step by step, iteration after iteration creating something we felt was good enough. And looking back, it is interesting to see how it all started back in 2018:

Concept (called: Nexular) from 2018

The concept was 100% cyberpunk. A cool theme as well. But after we did some research on our target audience, we decided it would be better to go for a more classic fantasy world theme. That was also a great fit with our own preference, so we started to adjust the art and lore. (Of course the gameplay was not affected by the lore.) After a few months we had the basic lore ready and started to go deeper and deeper into the storyline, creating a new fantasy world full of mystical creatures, paladins and orcs.

Second fully printed Prototype (Alpha II) – 2020


At this moment the game is still in development, but the gameplay is 90% ready. And now that I start to think about it, I’d better get back to the game, instead of typing this blogpost!

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