“Are you going to add miniatures?”

The past weeks we have been demonstrating Dorian on several occasions to gain more followers for our Kickstarter Pre-Launch campaign, and to get feedback on our latest prototype. Because the game is finished, feedback shifts from game design details, towards requests like: “…and are you guys are going to add miniatures?“. And that made us rethink the decision we made at the beginning of this project…

The artwork of the 6 main characters of Dorian: Grumash, Nazul, Marcus, Selina, Salazar and Doruva are hand drawn and look great on the standees and character boards. But when we showed the game to the public, many people requested if we could also add miniatures. Initially we decided to focus on the game design, the artwork and not get into the miniatures. But now the game is finished, we are happy with the artwork, so we said: “why not?”.

Long story short, our designer is developing 3D models beginning with our sneaky assassin: Nazul. Of course this is just a first setup and NOT the final model. But we like where it is going, so decided to share this with you!


Yes, people. This is what true dedication looks like. I wanted to clearify the pose to our artist, took a kitchen knife and now #PosinglikeNazul is becoming trending topic (at least around my friends and family). But everything for a good miniature right?

For us it is important our models match our characters, in spirit, looks and pose. In the case of Nazul we liked the idea of him grabbing his dagger, ready to strike his victim(s). As a professional assassin, his throwing knives and poisons can’t be missing either.

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